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Who are we?

CT Influence Games (CTIG) is developer and operator of digital behavioral simulations for corporate customers and games for thinking audience.

Our games are not merely for fan. They comprise tools for self-development and professional level enhancement, personnel education. Our clients promote products and influence public opinion using our simulations.


What is the essence and benefit for the corporate sector?

Modern corporations are looking for new approaches to employees training. They need empathy, involvement and support of teams. Business simulations exactly solve this problem very effectively. In B2B segment, we started with HR-projects (recruitment, change management).


Then we came to rather unique instruments for corporate and industrial safety. "Detective" investigations of the labor protection and industrial safety is one of the most demanded product of the company today. Educational simulations for sales agents, goods and services merchants are especially popular as well.


In general, we have created effective interactive tools that significantly reduce the cost for live trainers and corporate training needs in general.


We were right in our initial hypothesis. At the start, we decided that it is more profitable to invest money and time to create a universal platform-framework with convenient content management visual environment. Then the team will be able to create products on its base. So now we manage to radically reduce time needed to create product and cost per simulation.

Price is the first key to competitiveness in the market. The second key are automation team and Content team with stars of business journalism.


What is our mission?

Since the company's inception in the spring of 2014 CTIG has the goal. We want not only to gain a foothold in the world of corporate training and simulations. We aim to create platform-standards in games for smart niches.

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