CT Influence Games has developed a simulation for "Island 10-21" project of the University of the National Technological Initiative "20.35"

CTIG electronic simulation was used as an introductory test of the accelerated educational program "Island 10-21" students selection.

Based on results of the testing, the jury selected 1,000 participants from all over Russia. The best IT experts from European Commission, UK government, the World Bank, Harvard Business School, Skolkovo and other organizations train the course attendees.

In addition to the computer game from CTIG and the Higher School of Economics, tests from the laboratory "Humanitarian technologies" and the developer of games of virtual and augmented reality Luden.io. were used at the second stage of candidates’ selection.

"How unusual the educational program is, so its introductory tests are. To select the best participants for the new educational space, simple tests and traditional examinations and interviews are hardly suitable. We need new selection tools", - says Vasily Tretyakov, general director of the University of NTI.

The smart game is designed to assess management skills: it allows to assess the leadership potential of participants.

"By immersing a person into simulated environment, you can ensure optimal conditions for effective training and test it on real skills and behaviors. The creation of testing simulation for "Island 20.35" was a serious challenge for us," - said Alexander Tolkach, CT Influence Games CEO. - In a short time, it was necessary not only to implement the testing of the decision-making model and managerial skills of the applicant, but also to force him to leave "desktop computer test" comfort zone of the to maximize the potential".

Additionally the second stage participants were checked for "Knowledge of end-to-end technologies" from the Humanitarian Technologies Innovation Center and the expert team "NTI 20.35". The jury diagnosed personality traits using a personal questionnaire with 384 questions and 3 tests for determining cognitive abilities. NTI uses the results of testing to prepare digital profiles of candidates and form teams.

The University of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) "20.35" — is the first university in Russia providing professional development of a person in the digital economy. The project is focused on training of leaders of companies, participants of NTI and experts from new global markets.